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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wedding cake toppers

Wordless Wednesday..this entry is less of words.hikhik..i wish to have one of this

wedding cake toppers but something romantic and cute:D

take my hand me!

please no,not me =(

i will catch u

go away!

i want to run away


wink wink:B


  1. wah kat negara kita ade ke jual? hihi

  2. hahaha...comel! saya pernah jumpa dekat kedai kek ada jual~

  3. nana:kalo kt negara kte xde jl,lynn g la import dr lua.hhheee

    dhiera:ade jmp eh?kt mn2?ble g tempah utk my wedding cake...:D

  4. kita jumpa dekat kedai kek kat area tanjung malim~ he

  5. hhaha tomel la kek mcm tu..kreatif ...:P


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