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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Scrapaperclip giveaway anniversary

Assalamualaikum and hello gurls..

hari ni nk join giveaway by scrapaperclip.

All you need to do is :(copy paste)

1. Be a follower. 
2. Copy my button below and put it on your sidebar.
3. Spread this news in your blog post title Scrapaperclip Giveaway Anniversary. Simple one will do..No need to write so much. Quick and simple to link your post to mine so that others can participate too.
4. Leave comment here with your link of the post and email address easier for me to notify the winner later.
Format : Giveaway Anniversary : Post Link : Email

** make sure u give me your email as without email I am not able to process =)
5. DONE ! 

6. Only Comments under this particular post will be accepted to join. Other post will be disqualified oke.. 
7. However if you are already a member/follower just post the entry and thats it!

so kawan2 ape tunggu lagi..jom la join..mane la tau ade rezeki..
saya pun nk cuba nsb..first giveaway by scrapaperclip xbernasib baik.hrp yang 
second giveaway ni bernsb baik la badan oi..hehe.

the prize will be 
A Free A5 size wedding Mini Signage !!!
worth RM40
wow!!suke suke..hehe.

tarik tutp penyertaan adalah
Closing next Thursday 12pm Noon on 19th January 2012

jom lihat hasil tgn dari scrapaperclip..

1 comment:

  1. Thanks participating...dear tlg copy banner ek..failure to do so may resutl in your particiaption disqualified. =)



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