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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

creative by lynda: promo & giveaway

Assalamualaikum...hai lovelies:)
creative by lynda...ingat mereka buat promo je..rupanye giveaway sekali..
ni la akibat xmenbaca dengn betulnye..da semgu lepas aware pasal benda ni..
xsangke ni giveaway.nasib sempat lagi nak join..
hope to win this giveaway if i am too lucky to join this giveaway in last minutes...heheehe=P

share the above picture to entitle you to win this giveaway..
they are special promo for diy invitation..RM1.50/pc..soooo affordable!!
hurry is the last day of this promo..

sesiape yang share and spread the word on the blog entitle to get this for FREE

500pcs white paperbag favors (decorations only)
10pcs of VIP favors
1pc of exclusive guestbook with frame
A handbouquet


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hurryyyyy gurls...todaay is the last day...
spread the word and get a chance to win the giveaway..

till the next entry.. bubye!!>.<


  1. gutlak ;)
    xpe last minit kalo dh rezki x kemana kan ;)

  2. salam perkenalan.. btwn wish u luck..

  3. gud luck yer...:) done follow...


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